Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Teacher and The Student

I have been on both sides of this relationship in life. As much as I love learning new things, I also love sharing them with those who wish to learn as well.

And this relationship is important as it feeds the hunger to learn more so that you can share more!

I have learned many things in life, some useful, some just entertaining. Over time, you learn so much that you forget many of your accumulated bits of wisdom. And it is not until someone starts picking through your brain, that you remember half the stuff you have stored away in boxes in the corners of your mind.

Which begs the questions, can you have a yard sale for all your excess life lessons? What is a memory worth on E-bay?


  1. Do you want a yard sale or just have your memories in a show case to share but not be changed or tampered with?

  2. I think time alters your memories or at the very least your recollection of them!

    And if I am not mistaken, we tend to have select ones at that! lol