Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 39 -40 DSFDF Challenge "Rower in Lake Michigan"

This weeks DSFDF Challenge hosted by Karin Jurick involves a woman rowing out on Lake Michigan. The challenge was to focus on rendering water, and hazy atmospheric conditions. But immediately I saw the expression on the woman's face and she seemed so forlorn. Like it was a pointless burden for her to be rowing in her boat.

This quickly led to me imagining her trapped in a snow globe, rowing in circles! Hopeless trapped in a pointless existence. Granted I took some artistic license with the globe, seeing as you wouldn't necessarily have ripples in the water below her if she was in an airtight, fully filled globe. But that is what I love about illustration, you can play around with the facts and reality. And if you know enough about me by now, I usually try and shoot for the visual gag, rather that adhere to the laws of physics.