Friday, April 24, 2009

DSFDF Challenge - "Companion of Diana "

    This weeks challenge was very cool.     It gave me a chance to dust off some of my drawing skills.

It also got me back into the concept of planning out your design through the use of geometry, mathematics  and proportion.   It was easy, .......... thank God for erasers! 

But I had alot of fun diving into this project.  The intricacies of the shading, versus the opposing light sources was interesting.

I debated about doing a background with this, but didn't want to clutter up the space as I wanted to keep the focus on the statue, rather than my ability to fill up a background.
And I spent so much time on her in a Zen meditative state, I kinda want you to be looking at her!

Anyway, it was good to get back in the drawing saddle.  And it was cool to do an interpretive piece on a bit of artwork, that was in itself an interpretation of a live model.  A clear case of art imitating art, that is imitating life!  

 Kudos to Karin at     for doing this challenge.