Friday, March 27, 2009

Remain Vigilant - It's A Tough World Out There

Well, hello again fellow bloggers. Just feelingI am in one of those enlightened and yet, fatalistic moods!

I always muse that the internet aspires to bring the world closer together, and yet somehow, I feel it makes us more anti-social.

We no longer need to interact with other humans, we now engage screen names, avatars, and online personalities.

We don't even have to venture outside anymore to get our most basic of necessities. Groceries can now be purchased online.

So now compiled with online bill paying, it is conceivable that if you are someone who is completely agoraphobic or anti social, you don't ever have to venture outside ever again!

And since so many people are making their livings online with such websites like E-bay and Craig's List, it pretty much keeps the outside world, well.... outside.

And in this day and age, I am noticing that in the more fast paced urban areas, people are becoming less amicable towards one another. Road rage is on the rise, every one is fast becoming a disgruntled consumer in the check out of life.

Motor vehicles used to be the butt of every joke as far as waiting in line went. Now if you are at the supermarket, and the lines are longer that two people deep, it seems the gripers and whiners have a right to complain. Although for some strange reason banks are unaffected by this, you could still die of old age waiting for an available teller. But guess what they now have full service ATM's every where. ( Including super markets! Not to mention mini-bank branches.)

I think part of it is, we don't want to get trapped into banal conversation with strangers anymore! Chit chat and small talk have fallen by the wayside. People don't want to be inconvenienced or imposed upon, and because we are vastly losing the art of polite conversation with real live people. We are becoming jaded with the safety and security of talking to strangers on line! ;)

Because online if you don't want to talk to someone anymore, you just click off and ...poof... you are gone. And the great part, is that you don't need to apologize or come up with a neurotic Jerry Seinfeld style excuse..... oh I have a dentist appointment. Excuse me.

And unless you live in an area that is not being plagued with massive urban renewal or over development projects, you are just being squeezed into tighter more compact situations with a growing population of people.

It is no wonder we are becoming anti-social. And as a race we haven't changed in 30,000 years, we are suspicious of others, especially if you look and act different. And if we don't like you, our first instincts are to get as far away as possible. Or if you are less inclined to move, to nip the problem in the bud. Which is why we have gun control laws in affect! And a good thing too!

I guess as much as progress and technology are improving the quantity of life it is not exactly improving the quality of life. We can now get better, bigger, faster, delivered to our doorstep. But I think it comes at a price, and a sacrifice of values and ideals.

We are vast becoming a race of people who are programmed at birth to want more and appreciate less. And somehow the hubris of the old timers rings true, things might have been better in the good old days!

We are at the peak of our game, we are technologically advanced. But if you are able to pinpoint all the other races that were ahead of their time in there own ages, you fast realize that each and every one died out mysteriously without any warning!

So get your re-inforced home security system, and a better car alarm, and stop by the gun shop to get the latest in personal protection, oh .....and don't forget to update your virus protection for your computer.... but no matter how much you prepare for the worst, it's inevitable that the worst may one day find you.

So my advice is enjoy your life as best you can, if your fellow man ain't out to get you, something else is! No sense wasting time waiting for it, go out there and live your life to the fullest! And don't let paranoiya get the best of you! It's a tough world out there, remain vigilant! And have a nice day! :)

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  1. Wow! I don't know if I should put on my bullet-proof vest and invest in ballistic quality glass for my house or romp outside and smell the roses. Well maybe if I have an AK-47 slung over my shoulder, then I can smell any flower I want.

    I guess I would like to know if one can live life the fullest if they focus on the worst case scenario.?