Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mother Nature's Art and Effects

One of my passions in life besides art and the cinema, is nature. Just love when nature puts on a show, even more so when it is a light show! So when ever I get the opportunity I try and catch different events, such as lightning strikes. Just call me a fool in the rain!

And I will further add it takes a great deal of patience and perseverence! I wish I had more than one video camera. This way I could set up a bunch and leave them running! Get more coverage of the sky. But in a way , it is fun to try and catch a strike, sort of like hunting for fire flies! But a little more intense!


  1. lol...is that you saying, "stop" at the end of the mpg?

  2. Actually that is me saying "Ah"! I had thought I missed turning the camera on in time for that strike!

  3. Great capture on video. I, too, love nature and I miss having electrical storms since moving from New England to California. I found you through your comment on Sheila's blog.