Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Dimension to Diana

Just wanted to throw in a quick post.  As much as I like working the old school skills, I like to take a lot of my art to the next plateau.   I am a fan of mixed mediums,  and I like giving my fine art a wash through the Photoshop bathtub.

I have been exploring the unlimited realms of the digital palette, for many years now...  and as excited as I was to have finished the original pencil drawing,  I am equally thrilled to play around and make a whole new piece of art from it.   I have been trying to pioneer my own unique style towards doing this.    And in doing so, hopefully leaving my own unique mark on the world.

The background for this is inspired by my love of symbolism and mythology.  I decided to go with a subtle but symbolic shape.   And in homage to the goddess, the phases of the moon became my backdrop for this piece.


  1. Wow ! just beautiful finish piece. I love the the moons and stars/ constellations. Very nice This piece should be on DSFDF.

  2. How wonderful that you expanded on the challenge! This is beautiful!