Thursday, March 12, 2009

Entering the Blog of Eternal Stench

Greetings one and all taking my first baby steps in the world of blogging! Yes, (gasp) I am a virgin blogger. But have been filling the internet with my random thoughts and non sequiturs for ages.

I guess I have been reluctant because having one of these. It is like raising a child, ya neglect it too much and it dies! Too many spider plants still haunt me to this day! And maybe the occasional goldfish. Not trying to say I am a Black Hole Nurturer, but my mind tends to wander towards different things on any given day... at any given moment. I am quite tangentical! ( Meaning my mind likes to go in several directions at once.) And yes, gets a bit confusing at times. Trying to remember where you were going, and where you have been. But quite often, it usually is a bit of fun. So remember to take pictures! Sometimes you need them for future reference and evidence! ;)

So hold on tight, and let's see where this things goes......


  1. Yay you! Welcome to the blogosphere! May you have many a good day whilst you travel through the world wide web.

  2. Coolio. I think this is just what the doctor ordered. A better waste of time than FB. Great first pic BTW :)

  3. Okay a bit of irony, is that I quit smoking, so this isn't actually a good first pic! Even though you took it sir!